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Performance analysis ratchets up a gear with dual parameter cross-referencing

Simultaneous measurement of a shaft’s torque and angular position or rotational distance is now possible thanks to a new development by Sensor Technology Ltd, a combined torque sensor and angular position encoder. The company’s R&D Manager James Gilkes explains how engineers in various fields can use the new SGR523 to... Read More

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Failure is not an option for the fire protection industry

Ultra-reliable is the only standard acceptable when it comes to building, testing and maintaining water pumps for fire fighting. To ensure all of its pumps are fully able to provide maximum performance instantly, under all circumstances, Ruhrpumpen has built a dedicated fire pump centre in Lancing, West Sussex and fitted... Read More

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Speeding emerging green technologies to maturity

Many small steps are helping reduce carbon emissions, but if we are to avoid catastrophic global warming giant leaps are urgently required. Torque measuring specialist Sensor Technology is helping one of the key green tech players develop and test technologies critical for a sustainable future. Redeem Technologies is dedicated to... Read More

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The power to turn Green

Power generation around the world is turning greener almost by the day. To many this seems like an almost instantaneous response to a problem that was identified only a few years ago. But in reality, work on the underlying technologies has been underway for a generation or more, as Mark... Read More

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Low capacity torque meters open up new worlds of plant and machinery control

New low capacity models of Sensor Technology’s non-contact torque sensors offer accurate measurement down to 200mNm (0.2Nm), for applications such as precision and high speed robots, medical devices, protheses and implants, small drives and micro motors. The new TorqSense SGR 510/520 torque sensors cover capacities from 0.2Nm to 1Nm, making... Read More

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Torque Measurements Electric Car

Real-world torque measurements enable electric car competition to go virtual

Student engineers are using a newly launched torque sensor for predicting the energy efficiency of a competition-grade electric car. Young technologists from the University of Sheffield alleviated their disappointment at the Covid-cancellation of Shell Eco Challenge Rally by instead developing a computer simulation tool for predicting electric cars’ energy efficiency... Read More

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Adaptable dynamometer system set to replace self-build test rigs

A UK company has committed to resetting the standards of accuracy for dynamometers, ahead of the increasing demand driven by the worldwide interest in improving engine efficiency and performance. Its technology is based on a new torque measuring technology, also of British origin. RTEC Engineering Ltd is a contract engineering... Read More

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Saelig Torquemeter with separate sensing head

New technology caps pharma bottling process

A regular customer of Sensor Technology Ltd has switched to its latest range of torque sensors. The new TorqSense SGR530/540, being introduced throughout 2020 and 2021, measures torque using a full four element strain gauge bridge. With this, four separate strain gauges are fixed to the drive shaft of the... Read More

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