Where can I buy a Sensor Technology Ltd product?

For customers in England, Wales and Ireland please contact us directly. In all other countries, we are represented globally by a network of distributors/resellers.

How soon after ordering can I expect my sensor?

Most of our standard range of sensors are available within 2-4 weeks depending upon size and some are available from stock. Please consult us if your order is urgent.

Are you ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) approved?

Yes, we are ISO9001:2015 certified. You may request a copy of our ISO certificate by contacting us.

What is the maximum torque rating overload?

Currently the maximum safe torque overload for our TorqSense and Optical systems is 300%. It is 400% for our Strain Gauge systems.

What torque rating should I choose for my sensor?

Accuracy is a factor of the Full Scale Deflection (FSD) so we recommend that you select a maximum rating that is close to the torque measurements you wish to measure. Fortunately, we are able to manufacture and calibrate our transducers to whatever rating you require.

What outputs are available?

There are a number of outputs available such as USB, RS232, voltage and current. See the datasheets for more details. With the RWT420 and RWT440 series users can rescale the current and voltage outputs.

What is the maximum speed?

The maximum speed of our rotary sensors depends upon its torque rating. Please see the data sheets for specific details. Should you require faster speeds please consult us.

What couplings should I use?

For most applications we have found flexible membrane couplings to be the most suitable as shown in our installation guide for rotary sensors. However, the choice of couplings is dependent on each individual application and therefore we do not recommend any specific coupling.

I only need a torque sensor for a short time.

We offer a rental service whereby you can rent a sensor for a minimum of one month. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How often should my sensor be calibrated?

We recommend that your sensor is calibrated each year. When it is calibrated, it will be serviced, repaired (if required), and also updated to the latest specification. You may also request a quotation for the calibration of your torque equipment via the website.

My sensor is faulty and I think I need to have it calibrated, serviced or repaired. What should I do?

Please contact us to discuss the fault as it may be something straightforward that we can help you with over the phone. However, if it requires calibrating, servicing or repairing, you will be advised to return it to us for any work. When returning any equipment please ensure it is adequately packaged and insured.