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Sensor Technology 社의 혁신적인 TorqSense 무선 센서는 영국의 Hydraulic Projects Limited (Hy-Pro) 社의 신제품개발에 중요한 역할을 하고 있다.

Available in other languages: Hydraulic Projects Limited (Hy-Pro) 社는 영국을 이끌고 있는 유압 drive unit(선박 스티어링과 오토파일럿 시스템 내부에 사용된다)의 주요 개발자이며 공급원이다. 회전 구동 시스템의 샤프트 토크를 정확하게 측정하는 센서는 Hy-Pro 社가 요트와 다른 소형 유람선에 공급하는, 고성능 유압 스티어링 시스템 내부에 사용되는 전기구동 펌프 어셈블리의 디자인 개선에 필수적이고 중요한 데이터를 제공하고... Read More

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Sensor Technology keeps Hydraulic Projects on course

Innovative TorqSense wireless sensors from Sensor Technology are playing an important role in new product development for Hydraulic Projects Limited (Hy-Pro), one of the UK’s leading developers and suppliers of hydraulic drive units for marine steering and autopilot systems. The sensors, which accurately measure shaft torque in rotary drive systems, are providing... Read More

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Range of RWT torque sensors

Sensors: The Next Big Thing

Sensors being integrated into ever-more products and systems will be a key driver for technology developments for the next several decades. So says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd in Banbury. Most people have had a tough few years, but as a sensor company we have been lucky. Many of... Read More

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RWT series torque sensor

Transductores De Part (Torque) Inalambricos

Esta firma basa actualmente su línea de Transductores de par en la utilización de la técnica sin contacto en la transmisión interna de las deformaciones de ejes y otros elementos de maquinas rotativas (sin rozamientos ni desgastes) y en su posterior transmisión de las señales de forma inalámbrica (“wireless”) sin... Read More

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RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

TorqSense gives pumps a testing time at Watson Marlow

Having for many years used one of Sensor Technology’s novel TorqSense non-contact torque sensors as an aid to product development, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group, the world’s leading specialist in peristaltic pumping, has now chosen another of these versatile and dependable sensors for production-line testing of its most critical products. The TorqSense sensor... Read More

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RWT430/440 series transducer

Torque of a motor revolution

Oxford YASA Motors, a company created to commercialise the revolutionary YASA motor developed by Oxford University’s Energy and Power Group, is finding that a TorqSense non-contact speed and torque sensor from Sensor Technology is an invaluable aid in the refinement of its world-leading motor designs. Used in a test rig... Read More

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Torque test ensures reliability of steerable drills

Hydrocarbon drilling accuracy has been increased tenfold by using adapted advanced aerospace guidance systems. And an equally innovative torque sensor ensures efficiency during the equipment’s regular programmed maintenance. Gyrodata’s high accuracy surveys assure precise wellbore targeting and reservoir delineation, and prevent costly problems such as missed objectives and wellbore collisions in... Read More

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Automotive Innovation Torque Up Manufacturing Revival

Automotive Innovations torque up manufacturing revival

The automotive sector is proving to be a powerbase for the reviving manufacturing economy. Volume car makers have full order books and specialists builders are enjoying record exports. But to maintain this vital economic activity, constant innovation is needed particularly on reducing vehicles’ environmental impact. For two generations car ownership... Read More

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