Sensor flies conservation into new levels of control

An innovative device that simultaneously senses a helicopter’s position and weighs the load it is carrying has helped a 50-year landscape conservation project successfully reaching its first five-year milestone. The HeliNav TrackMaster is a simple and accurate system that simultaneously monitors underslung loads and logs actual flight paths while also... Read More

Testing the new generation of integrated drives

The recent rise of interest in integrated motor/inverters units has led to the need for testing and mapping of their performance over a range of operating conditions. A wireless torque sense has been used as the heart of a dynamometer a built for just this task. Electric motors are fundamentally... Read More

Testing time for fall arrestors

Safety equipment such as fall arrestors must work perfectly every time they are called into action, so they must be made to the highest standards of manufacture, tested and certified. Only then will users have confidence wearing them. Global market leader Latchways plc of Devizes has developed two different test rigs as... Read More

Tony Ingham

Teach your children well

There was a time when a carefully chosen line from a 1960s’ song made a great headline for an editorial opinion piece. Sadly, Crosby, Stills and Nash are no longer young and many of their original followers are now well into retirement. And it seems that the UK engineers within... Read More

Tony Ingham

Wireless standard harmonisation creates a problem where none previously existed

As more and more wireless devices come to the market, concerns have emerged within the standards’ body responsible for managing the radio spectrum allocation and wireless device conformance that more guidance is needed to help ensure spectrum sharing. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd reviews the situation. As more and... Read More

TorqSense RWT400 series torque transducer

Sensors will define the future of production and technology

This past year it has been difficult to open an engineering magazine and not read about the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 or Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2MC). But all the hype and predictions will come to naught if sensor manufacturers don’t rise to the challenges before them, says Tony Ingham... Read More

Mobile harbour equipment can automatically generate commercial information

Harbour sides are busy places, with ships docking, unloading one cargo, loading another and departing again as quickly as possible. Keeping track of all this activity and of their various and valuable cargoes is demanding yet vital, so it is best to automate as much as possible. Mark Ingham of... Read More

Torquing sense about ship unloaders

A ship at sea is earning its owners money; a ship in port is costing its owners money. Therefore, rapid loading and unloading are critical to the success of a shipping company and dockside technology continues to develop to provide ever more speed and efficiency. Unloading dry bulk cargo from... Read More

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