Smart Load Sensor

Available in other languages:   A smart load sensor developed in the UK by Sensor Technology provides all the information needed to optimise efficiency and increase profitability of a wide range of industrial operations. A new development to be launched at the Sensing Technologies exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC 28-29 September... Read More

Cảm biến tải thàng minh

Available in other languages:   Một cảm biến tải thàng minh được phát triển ở UK bởi Sensor Technology cung cấp tất cả thàng tin cần thiết để tối ưu hóa hiệu suất và làm tăng lợi ích của dải rộng hoạt động trong càng nghiệp. Phát triển mới này... Read More

Tidal Turbine to light up the Thames

A small proportion of the Thames is to be illuminated using power generated by the flow of the river itself, as Kingston University tests prototypes of a new hydroelectric turbine design. The turbine will sit on a pontoon and will provide a floating test and measurement laboratory. On this will be an... Read More

Novel sensors aid Tidal Turbine development

Non-contact torque sensors from Sensor Technology are playing a key role in the development of commercial-scale in-stream tidal turbines produced by Irish company, OpenHydro. The company is using these novel sensors, which are based on surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology, to accurately measure rotational speed and frictional forces in a simulator... Read More

Putting feeling to drugs safety and handling

Available in other languages: Total traceability extends to packaging as well as product in the rarefied world of pharmaceuticals. Cap Coder Ltd has adopted a novel torque sensing system as the core of the datalogging capabilities of its bottle sealing machines. When product integrity is paramount, packaging has a key... Read More

Bewusstsein Für Medikamentensicherheit Und -Handhabung Schaffen

Available in other languages: Absolute Nachverfolgbarkeit für Verpackungen ebenso wie für Produkte in der exklusiven Welt der Pharmazie. Capcoder Ltd hat ein neuartiges Drehmomenterfassungssystem als Herzstück der Möglichkeiten zur Datenaufzeichnung seiner Flaschenverschließmaschinen eingeführt. Wenn die Produktintegrität Vorrang hat, so muss dabei das Verpacken eine Schlüsselrolle einnehmen. Die Verpackung muss einen... Read More

RWT series torque sensor

Sensor Technology provides the key to learning

The electrical machines laboratory at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has greatly increased in its effectiveness as a teaching resource since TorqSense non-contact torque sensors from Sensor Technology have been fitted to five machine sets. The new sensors replace an existing system of machine monitoring that had proved inaccurate. To provide... Read More

Tony Ingham

Talking Sense about technology transfer

Technology transfer may prove one of the cornerstone engines for growth as the UK emerges from recession over the coming months. Sensor Technology in Oxon are virtually addicted to the habit, so we asked their Tony Ingham how it has shaped the company’s development and what the future holds. Wireless... Read More

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