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Torque About Reliability For Powered Wheelchairs

A TorqSense transducer is helping ensure the reliability of powered wheelchairs, scooters, golf buggies and other electric vehicles, having been incorporated into a dynamometer rolling road built by PG Drives in Dorset. PG Drives manufacture black box electronic motor controllers for chair and vehicle builders around the world. Reliability and robustness are paramount... Read More

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Torquing Up Hardware & Software

Sensor Technology will be using its stand at the M-Tec exhibition to showcase both new hardware and new software. Launched at M-Tec 2004 in a single size, the RWT310/320 series of TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors is now available in a full range of sizes from 1Nm to 10,000Nm. Alongside these... Read More

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Torque About Visualisation

Sensor Technology has developed TorqView2, a software programme written using National Instruments LabVIEW to generate a Virtual Instrumentation Display of the output from a TorqSense transducer and can be run on virtually any computer. TorqSense transducers measure the characteristics (torque, speed, power and positional angle) of rotating shafts in real... Read More

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Non-Contact Torque Sensing Now Available To All

The full range of sizes for Sensor Technology’s RWT310/320 series of TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors is now available, following completion of the development project by the Oxon based company. Launched in the Spring with the most popular sizes made available first, TorqSense RWT310/320 provides non-contact measurement of torques, speed, power... Read More

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Sensor erupts with Volcanic data

The secrets of climate change and the formation of giant lava flows on Mars may soon be revealed to a British professor and his research team, as they investigate the lava flows from Mount Etna. Harry Pinkerton, Professor of Physical Volcanology and Head of the Environmental Science Department at the University... Read More

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German Manufacturers Talk Sense

British innovation looks set to storm through Germany industry, following the massive interest generated by the launch of Sensor Technology’s new non-contact torque sensor at the Hannover Fair. To date measuring torque in a rotating shaft has involved complicated engineering to set up a system of slip rings or other... Read More

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RWT series torque sensor

Ein Neuer Drehmoment-Sensor Wird Die Maschinensteurung Revolutionieren

Available in other languages:       Mit der Vorstellung der von der Firma Sensor Technology Ltd. entwickelten TorqSense Drehmoment-Messwertwandlern der Baureihe RWT310/320 anlässlich der MTEC Ausstellung in Birmingham, England, und der Hannovermesse, wurde Maschinenkonstrukteuren eine bedeutende neue Technologie zur Messung der Leistung an Antriebswellen und rotierenden Maschinenteilen vorgestellt Im Gegensatz zu... Read More

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New Torque Sensor Will Revolutionise Machine Control

Available in other languages:       Machine designers have been presented with a significant new technology for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements, following the launch of the RWT310/320 series of TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors by developers Sensor Technology Ltd. Unlike traditional slip ring transducers, the RWT... Read More

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