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Gongs Galore

Sensor Technology picked up its second prestigious overseas award of the year at Asia’s premier industrial exhibition in July, following on from a similar success at Sensors 2006 in Chicago in May. Both awards were for the new digital TorqSense RWT310/320 series non-contact torque monitoring transducer, which has been receiving... Read More

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Industrial sensor helps knee sufferers

A medical researcher is using an industrial torque sensor to analyse the performance of implanted replacement knee joints, hoping to increase the understanding of their long term post-surgery performance. Judith Lane is running the programme between now and the end of 2007 at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh. As well... Read More

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Nuclear engineers avoid contact

A test rig built at Centa Transmissions in Shipley is allowing the company to guarantee that the precision gearboxes it supplies to nuclear industry will never fail prematurely. Despite its critical role, the rig is essentially quite simple, in that a motor drives the test unit against a load created by one... Read More

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Long Service Motors Tested After Re-Engineering

Specialist industrial motor manufacturer Solutions Engineering in Stoke on Trent is able to test the performance of its motors, having built a test station to its own specification based around a piezo electric torque transducer. It manufactures a range of bespoke slip ring motors for driving equipment such as vibrators... Read More

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E300 series torque transducer

Sensing for Servo Repairs

Reliability and robustness were the key requirements when Wyko Industrial Services set about building a test and calibration rig for its servomotor repair business in Aintree near Liverpool. They based their design on a non-contact torque sensor that could effectively be isolated from damaging shock loads. “We knew the rig... Read More

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Iron Bird with lightest touch

A non-contact torque transducer is helping British Aerospace Systems stay on schedule for the delivery of the new Nimrod aircraft to the Ministry of Defence. Instead of using a complicated and delicate set of slip rings, the TorqSense transducer, developed by Sensor Technology in Banbury, uses a radio frequency (RF) link to... Read More

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Ensuring Accurate Feel to Power Steering

A dynamometer for testing 180 motors per hour for vehicle electrohydraulic power assisted steering, uses a non-contact torque transducer from Sensor Technology of Banbury for ensuring complete accuracy of the readings. Installed in a Tier 1 supply company, the dynamometer forms part of a highly automated test cell that includes... Read More

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Testing Time For Business Jet

Development and qualification testing of three flap system actuators for the eagerly awaited new Falcon 7X business jet is being performed on a test rig designed and built by Comar Engineering in Wolverhampton and incorporating an innovative non-contact torque transducer. The whole Falcon 7X project is packed with innovation, from the virtual... Read More

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