LoadView Advanced Load Monitoring Software

LoadView is an easy to use load monitoring software available to operate in conjunction with the WLS-RI Receiver Interface or WLS-HR Handheld Receiver to provide a flexible display, real time plotting and data recording facility.

LoadView has been written using National Instruments LabVIEW, and as it is a self running executable file, LabVIEW is not required to run this software.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple installation using serial port or USB
  • Ease of operation (user friendly, a variety of user interface settings such as scales, units, etc.)
  • Displays load, signal strength, battery and temperature.
  • Output a text file compatible with Matlab, Excel
  • LabVIEW VIs available for users to design their own Interfaces
  • DLLs available for users to write their own custom software process control applications
  • Data recording facility
  • User configurable settings
  • Multiple screen views


Options & Accessories

LoadSense Wireless Load Sensor

LoadSense features wireless 2.4 GHz communications that transfers data in real time to a PC or a display. Internal batteries make operation autonomous. Ranges from 1-50 Tonnes.

LoadSense Receiver Interface

The LoadSense Receiver Interface is used for receiving & converting data from the LoadSense transducer into analog or digital outputs for integration into any data collection system.

LoadSense Handheld Receiver

The wireless LoadSense Handheld Receiver can interrogate and display up to 9 different LoadSense transducers and the unit can also be connected to a PC via RS232/RS422 or USB.

LoadSense Cabin Display

LoadSense Cabin Display

The LoadSense Cabin Display is a small, lightweight, cabin/window mounted unit, used in conjunction with our LoadSense Wireless Load Sensors to display the  current reading.