Low capacity torque meters open up new worlds of plant and machinery control

New low capacity models of Sensor Technology’s non-contact torque sensors offer accurate measurement down to 200mNm (0.2Nm), for applications such as precision and high speed robots, medical devices, protheses and implants, small drives and micro motors. The new TorqSense SGR 510/520 torque sensors cover capacities from 0.2Nm to 1Nm, making... Read More

Tecinico Solar Boat

Técnico Solar Boat succeeds at Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Sensor Technology is pleased to support the Técnico Solar Boat team via our Portuguese distributor, Arcamo with an SGR521 torque transducer which allows the team to complete tests on its motor test bench, who have been competing at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2022, coming third place in the competition... Read More

Torque Measurements Electric Car

Real-world torque measurements enable electric car competition to go virtual

Student engineers are using a newly launched torque sensor for predicting the energy efficiency of a competition-grade electric car. Young technologists from the University of Sheffield alleviated their disappointment at the Covid-cancellation of Shell Eco Challenge Rally by instead developing a computer simulation tool for predicting electric cars’ energy efficiency... Read More

Adaptable dynamometer system set to replace self-build test rigs

A UK company has committed to resetting the standards of accuracy for dynamometers, ahead of the increasing demand driven by the worldwide interest in improving engine efficiency and performance. Its technology is based on a new torque measuring technology, also of British origin. RTEC Engineering Ltd is a contract engineering... Read More

Saelig Torquemeter with separate sensing head

New technology caps pharma bottling process

A regular customer of Sensor Technology Ltd has switched to its latest range of torque sensors. The new TorqSense SGR530/540, being introduced throughout 2020 and 2021, measures torque using a full four element strain gauge bridge. With this, four separate strain gauges are fixed to the drive shaft of the... Read More

Saelig Torquemeter with separate sensing head

Torque Meter with separate sensing head can probe deep into machinery

Sensor Technology Ltd has extended its new range of torque meters with a model that has the sensing head and electronics in separate housings. This has two advantages: the sensing head can fit into very confined spaces, and the electronics can be located in a position where they are protected... Read More

Range extension for innovative wireless torque sensor

Range extension for innovative wireless torque sensor

Sensor Technology has extended its new range of non-contact torque sensors up to 13,000Nm. When the range was launched in late 2020, the largest unit was 500Nm. “We have been very encouraged by the interesting in the new sensors,” says Sales Manager Mark Ingham. “The launch plan was originally to... Read More

Новая беспроводная технология измерения крутящего момента

      Компания Sensor Technology представила новую линейку бесконтактных датчиков крутящего момента, основанную на конструкции полностью четырехэлементного моста Вилкинсона из тензодатчиков, в дополнение к существующим бесконтактным датчикам крутящего момента, использующим устройства на поверхностных акустических волнах (SAW). Новая серия устройств, получила обозначение TorqSense SGR510/520, а сами устройства имеют способность считывания, простирающуюся до... Read More

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