Regen drive turns laundry green

High performance torque measurement is helping to improve the energy efficiency of domestic washing machines, enabling consumers to make greener purchase decisions. The Eco Rating stickers that provide potential buyers with a clear assessment of white goods’ environmental performance now play a major role in retail sales. Manufacturers want to... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

Fire Sprinkler Systems Get Safety Torque

Replacing a torque meter with a torque sensor has revolutionised the validating process for bespoke Fireset sprinkler systems built by Grundfos Pumps Ltd. in Leighton Buzzard. Grundfos designs and builds a vast range of electric and diesel driven Firesets that form the heart of any sprinkler system. These Firesets have sophisticated control... Read More

World's Best Vacuum Seals Tested But Not Touched

World’s Best Vacuum Seals Tested But Not Touched

TorqSense, a non-contact digital torque monitoring system that could guarantee an infinite lightness of touch has proven to be the only way to test the seals of super high performance vacuum systems. FerThe ultimate fields of precision manufacture, such as electronics, biophysics and thin film deposition where tolerances are measured... Read More

Don’t touch, the shaft is turning

Total solutions for non-contact torque measurement can be seen on Sensor Technology’s stand at the 2007 M-Tec exhibition. The RWT310/320 series of TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors is now available in a full range of sizes from 1Nm to 10,000Nm, so can be applied to virtually any size of system where... Read More

Texans Go To Bed To Test Robots

The University of Texas is working on a new test bed that will radically improve evaluation of motors for demanding applications. Key to the researchers’ experiments, and at the heart of the test bed is the TorqSense transducer developed by Sensor Technology. Getting the right motor for a demanding application... Read More

Gongs Galore

Sensor Technology picked up its second prestigious overseas award of the year at Asia’s premier industrial exhibition in July, following on from a similar success at Sensors 2006 in Chicago in May. Both awards were for the new digital TorqSense RWT310/320 series non-contact torque monitoring transducer, which has been receiving... Read More

Industrial sensor helps knee sufferers

A medical researcher is using an industrial torque sensor to analyse the performance of implanted replacement knee joints, hoping to increase the understanding of their long term post-surgery performance. Judith Lane is running the programme between now and the end of 2007 at Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh. As well... Read More

Nuclear engineers avoid contact

A test rig built at Centa Transmissions in Shipley is allowing the company to guarantee that the precision gearboxes it supplies to nuclear industry will never fail prematurely. Despite its critical role, the rig is essentially quite simple, in that a motor drives the test unit against a load created by one... Read More

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