RWT430/440 series transducer

When two is better than one

Available in other languages: Sensor Technology, the company that developed practical non-contact torque measurement, will once again unveil a major innovation at the M-Tec Exhibition. New for 2008 is TorqSense RWT330/340 series, designed for use in applications where space is limited. Like other units in the TorqSense family, the RWT330/340... Read More

Intelligent Extruder Plans Its Own Growth

A bench top extruder developed at Bradford University is able to collect data about its own operation and to determine a wide range of characteristics of the material with which it is working. Most of the intelligence is provided via a digital TorqSense torque sensor, which uniquely collects data via a radio... Read More

Torque of the web

Torque monitoring specialists Sensor Technology has redeveloped its website to make it easier to use and provide relevant information to visitors as quickly as possible. It has simultaneously updated its brochures to explain its non-contact technology in a clear, concise format. The home page of the website gives a three-paragraph... Read More

University of Bradford: Big push to recycle plastic

Big push to recycle plastic

Cold extrusion is playing an ever greater part in recycling of waste plastic, and the Department for Business and Enterprise is sponsoring research into development of the machinery necessary for such work. Engineers at Bradford University have built a pilot plant and are running a series of trials with different processes, feed... Read More

China Syndrome

Enough enquiries to double its business levels in Asia were generated when UK torque measuring specialists Sensor Technology exhibited alongside their local distributor DMS at “Sensors China 2007”, an exhibition designed to fast track key technologies into that country’s rapidly expanding industrial base. “We are used to the major continental... Read More

Mini-Mixer will be the torque of many industries

A torque sensor is helping analyse recipes’ mixing properties in a project that could slash development costs in the food and plastics industry and help nanotechnology advances in the pharmaceuticals world. The research and development is being carried out at the University of Bradford by Professor Hadj Benkreira and Dr Raj Patel... Read More

UAV Takes Fast Track To Altitude

Development of a vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle is nearing completion, thanks in part to a non-contact digital torque sensor, TorqSense, which proved the only viable option for use on the test rig. The low-cost, flexible search and surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is intended for military, homeland... Read More

Regen drive turns laundry green

High performance torque measurement is helping to improve the energy efficiency of domestic washing machines, enabling consumers to make greener purchase decisions. The Eco Rating stickers that provide potential buyers with a clear assessment of white goods’ environmental performance now play a major role in retail sales. Manufacturers want to... Read More

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