Torque about improving handling accuracy

Dry bulk handling is en route to becoming a precision science with a level of control previously undreamt of, thanks to 20 years of research and development into digital non-contact torque monitoring. Dry bulk handling is following many other industrial processes that have been redeveloped from a ‘black art’ to... Read More

E300 series torque transducer

Servo research points the way to improved dynamics

Research at the University of Manchester has demonstrated servo systems with vastly improved dynamics with the most challenging of loads. The key to the increased performance is a torque transducer from Sensor Technology employing Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) techniques to deliver high-bandwidth, non-contact solution. The ease of set-up of modern... Read More

University of Bradford: Big push to recycle plastic

Testing time for vacuum cleaner maker

A company that designs and build custom test equipment for the manufacturing and research industries has developed a cost saving sub-system that allows eight dynamometer test rigs to share a single calibration unit based on a Digital TorqSense transducer from Sensor Technology Ltd. The company, 1st Pass of Westbury in Wiltshire, started out... Read More

Lotus Hybrid Blooms

Specialist electromagnetic design company Elektro Magnetix (EMX) of Brighton developed and tested the motor-generator for Lotus Engineering’s EVE (Efficient, Viable, Environmental) Hybrid. This is a technology demonstrator that is showcasing many of the medium term solutions that will be used to reduce vehicle emissions. Jonathan Bremner of EMX explains that... Read More

Designing greener cars requires sophisticated testing

The automotive industry’s race to develop a new generation of high performance, low emissions power plants has lead to the emergence of high capability test beds that simultaneously monitor multiple parameters. The sector is pinning many of its hopes for the future on the development of electric/petrol and electric/diesel hybrid... Read More

RWT430/440 series transducer

Wenn Zwei Besser Als Einer Sind

Available in other languages: Sensor Technology, das Unternehmen, das die praktische kontaktfreie Drehmomentmessung entwickelt hatte, enthüllte auf der M-Tec Exhibition erneut eine wichtige Innovation. Neu für 2008 ist die Reihe TorqSense RWT330/340, die für Anwendungen auf beschränktem Raum ausgelegt wurde. Wie die anderen Einheiten der Produktgruppe TorqSense nimmt der RWT330/340... Read More

RWT430/440 series transducer

When two is better than one

Available in other languages: Sensor Technology, the company that developed practical non-contact torque measurement, will once again unveil a major innovation at the M-Tec Exhibition. New for 2008 is TorqSense RWT330/340 series, designed for use in applications where space is limited. Like other units in the TorqSense family, the RWT330/340... Read More

Intelligent Extruder Plans Its Own Growth

A bench top extruder developed at Bradford University is able to collect data about its own operation and to determine a wide range of characteristics of the material with which it is working. Most of the intelligence is provided via a digital TorqSense torque sensor, which uniquely collects data via a radio... Read More

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