RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

Wireless torque sensor cuts out slip rings

Machine designers are expected to make a beeline to Sensor Technology’s stand at the Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham 25-26 September 2013 to see a wireless technology for measuring power in drive shafts and other rotating machine elements. The company’s TorqSense Rotary Torque Sensors are unlike traditional slip ring... Read More

Tony Ingham

Cast your export net far and wide

If the economic climate of the last few years has taught us anything it is that UK manufacturers cannot rely on the domestic market alone, they must make every effort to maximise exports. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology says manufacturers must export, but they have to hedge all bets to... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

Un Modo Migliore Per Misurare La Coppia

Available in other languages:     Misurare con precisione la coppia, in particolare negli alberi rotanti, può spesso essere difficile: ma una nuova tecnologia offre ora migliori soluzioni” dice Mark Ingham di Sensor Technology. Una misurazione precisa della coppia è essenziale per lo sviluppo di un’ampia gamma di prodotti, dalle turbine... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

Cómo Medir Mejor La Torsión Mecánica

Available in other languages:     Medir de forma correcta la torsión mecánica, especialmente en ejes de rotación, puede suponer un reto, pero existe una nueva tecnología que ofrece una solución mejor, en palabras de Mark Ingham, de Sensor Technology. Medir correctamente la torsión mecánica es esencial para el desarrollo de... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

Eine Bessere Möglichkeit Zur Messung Des Drehmoments

Available in other languages:     Die genaue Messung des Drehmoments kann insbesondere bei umlaufenden Wellen oft schwierig sein, aber eine Neuentwicklung auf diesem Gebiet schafft ab sofort Abhilfe, so Mark Ingham von Sensor Technology. Eine genaue Messung des Drehmoments ist Voraussetzung für die Entwicklung einer Vielzahl von Produkten, angefangen von... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

Amélioration De La Solution De Mesure Du Couple

Available in other languages:     Mesurer précisément le couple, et plus particulièrement celui des arbres en rotation, pose souvent un défi de taille ; la nouvelle technologie offre une solution plus adaptée, déclare Mark Ingham, Sensor Technology. La précision de la mesure du couple est essentielle au développement d’un large... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

A better way to measure torque

Available in other languages:     Measuring torque accurately, particularly in rotating shafts, can often be challenging, but new technology is providing a better solution, says Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology. Accurate torque measurement is essential for the development of a huge variety of products, ranging from sub-sea turbines for tidal... Read More

RWT310/320 Rotary Torque Sensor

TorqSense Sensor guarantees Tip-Top Taps

An innovative TorqSense wireless torque sensor from Sensor Technology provided an effective solution to an interesting engineering challenge when Advanced Design Innovations (ADI), a specialist supplier of custom manufacturing and testing equipment, was asked by Bristan, one of the UK’s largest and most successful manufacturers of bathroom taps and showers... Read More

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