Bluetooth Module for Torque Sensors

The optional Bluetooth interface box bring wireless flexibility to your TorqSense® transducers. The box simply plugs into the 15 way ‘D’ digital lead connector, it also allows the transducer to be powered through the interface as well as providing a USB output.

Our android app will enable you to view the current Torque, Speed, and temperature from the transducer, as well as peak values. It will also allow you to set filters and view the current configuration of the sensor. As the Interface also has a USB output it lets you connect to your PC at the same time, this allows you to run a full version of our TorqView software, for example to record at full speed while using your android device as a monitor.

Using a mobile device with Bluetooth and our software means you can quickly look at the transducer data without having to set up a computer and cables giving you fast access to the information when you need it.