TorqView Advanced Torque Monitoring Software

TorqView is an easy to use advanced torque monitoring software application available to operate in conjunction with the SGR520/540, ORT230/240 and SIT120 Series Transducers to provide a flexible display, real time plotting and data recording facility.

TorqView 5 has been written using National Instruments LabVIEW, and is a self running executable file, so LabVIEW is not required to run this software.


  • Simple installation using serial port or USB
  • Ease of operation (user friendly, a variety of user interface settings such as scales, units, etc.)
  • 3 types of display: dials, digital bars and chart graph
  • Wide choice of displayed units (SI, FPS, and MKS)
  • Displays torque, RPM, power and temperature
  • Data recording facility, real time plotting
  • Output text files compatible with Matlab, Excel
  • Suitable for TorqSense® SGR520/540, ORT240 and SIT120 series transducers. Also suitable for using with obsolete equipment including the RWT420/440/460, RWT320/340/360 series, E302 Display Interfaces, E200 ORT Series Transducers using E202 Transducer Display Interfaces, E100 SBT and E100 SIT Series Transducers using E102 Transducer Display Interfaces
  • LabVIEW VIs available for users to design own process control applications
  • DLLs available for users to write own custom software
  • User configurable settings