Ethernet Module (ENET-01)

The Ethernet Interface Module connects our range of Torque Transducers to a Local Area Network. By utilising existing structured cabling and infrastructure, our transducers become instantly accessible to any device on the network. Transducers can be accessed from any location within the premises where the structured cabling is present, or where it has been extended by wireless networking technologies. Furthermore, if the network is internet connected, or gateways and VPN’s are present, the transducers range can be extended without limit, enabling access and monitoring from literally anywhere.

Historically our transducers have used technologies which only allow a single device to be connected and consume data at a time. By networking our transducers, they become accessible by multiple devices simultaneously.

By implementing standard Internet Protocols, any network/internet connected device can access the transducer. Capable devices range from smart phones, tablets, PCs and laptops to Arduino/Raspberry Pi development systems. Communication is primarily via low overhead UDP packet transmissions, but is complemented by an embedded web server and database server. Torqview, our Advanced Torque Monitoring Software, has been updated to provide network support on Windows.


Quick Start Guide

Image showing Ethernet Module

Connectivity Examples